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VinesZap Logo

VinesZap - 2013 (gone)


VinesZap is a web-application to see what's going on, the video-sharing service from Twitter. The app displays a wall of nine videos refreshed automatically and randomly.

They talk about it!

Press Review
  • The Huffington Post - "VinesZap is another realtime video gallery like Just Vined -- except instead of displaying a four-by-five grid of videos, it has a three-by-three grid for a total of nine videos. The app achieved "trending" status on Reddit Sunday night and subsequently became temporarily overloaded."
  • Fast Company - "A simple, clear grid of nine assorted Vines that refresh automatically. Hover over a clip to hear the audio, and click on a clip to go to the original Vine post."
  • Pop Sugar - "VinesZap lets you see the latest videos on Vine in a three-by-three grid. Videos are automatically refreshed so you can sit and watch what's happening around the world for as long as you please."
  • Unruly - "A simple, nine square grid where the videos refresh automatically. It’s a pretty easy way to consume a huge amount of vines all on one screen."


Simple Vine Visualisation
  • Grid of nine Vine videos.
  • Automatically refresh and select the latest Vines.
  • Hover over a clip to hear the audio.
  • Click on a clip to open the real Vine.
  • Vines can be filtered by hashtags.


HTML5 videos
  • Use of the native video tag.
  • Control of the video with Javascript.
Javascript Libraries
Twitter API
  • Use of the search API
  • Use of the tweet button.

TuneZap Logo

TuneZap - 2013


TuneZap is a web-application to create playlists for free, quickly and easily.

Created with Giorgio Di Guardia.


Playlist Creation
  • No login required.
  • Search for a song or an artist.
  • Each playlist can be saved to a unique, shareable, short URL.
  • Search for a song or an artist.
  • Press Enter to add the first result to your playlist, press it again to add the second one, etc
  • Instant search: suggestions while you’re typing
Playlist Edition
  • Drag and drop to re-order songs.
  • Button to delete a song.
Playlist Viewing
  • Use YouTube as audio source.
  • Shuffle, repeat, show/hide video.
  • Volume control.
Radio Mode
  • Start a radio related to the artist currently playing.
  • A song from the radio will be automatically added after the last song of your playlist.
  • You can start a radio using a genre among more than 30 genres (Rock, Classical, Rap).
Lyrics Visualisation
  • If the lyrics are available, they are displayed on the right side of the screen.


  • Intensive use of AJAX.
Javascript Libraries
Server side stuff
  • Propulsed by PHP5. (lol)
  • Data stored using MongoDB.
Check this out here!

Beamiz Logo

Beamiz - 2011-2012 (gone)


Beamiz is a network of 3D virtual Galleries for displaying art on the internet.

Created with Pierre-Yves Sichel and Vincent Mercier.


Gallery Building
  • Construction of the structure (rooms, walls, doors) thanks to easy tools.
  • Positionning of pictures using drag'n'drop.
  • Customisation of the textures (ground and wall) with upload and edition of the sprites.
Images Library
  • Upload from hard-drive (single or multiples files, .ZIP files) or from URL addresses.
  • Editing tools (crop, rotation).
  • Desktop-like interactions (right-click, drag'n'drop, folder organisation).
Social Features
  • Users can post messages, images or galleries on a public wall.
  • Users can follow a user and posts can be liked or commented.
  • Galleries can be integrated in external websites using an iframe code.
3D Visualisation
  • 3D galleries can be visited by everyone using the Unity webplayer.
  • First person or point-and-click navigation.


  • Compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari and Internet Explorer (8 and above).
  • Object Oriented Programming PHP.
3D Application
  • Powered by the Unity 3D Game Engine.
  • Programmed using C# and Javascript.
  • Galleries described by XML files.
  • 3D models designed with Blender.
  • Cache system: only one CSS file and one JS file with a version number so that we have only two requests to load all this code and we can manage easily the update of the browsers cache.