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About me

About Me

Valentin Hervieu

Welcome to my website!

I'm Valentin Hervieu from France and I'm 27 years old.

Graduated from the University of Technologie of Compi√®gne, I work as a front-end engineer at in Sophia-Antipolis, France (Here's my résumé).

I enjoy making software and you can check my projects page or my GitHub profile if you want to see my work. Currently, I am the main contributor of the AngularJS Slider project.

I'm also available for freelancing and if you want to contact me, here's the page you are looking for! ;)

I also enjoy traveling and I have already had the chance to visit a few countries such as England, Hungary, Ireland, Thailand and the United States. Concerning the three first countries, I only spent a few days in the capital for holiday whereas I have stayed a few months in Thailand and the USA.

You can see some pictures I like from these travels in the carousel below.